Building for the Future Episode 26 | Electrical

Electrical Systems Make Us Glow!

Nothing can compare to our bonfires on the rivers of Providence. But our electrical systems make the WaterFire Arts Center a stunning place to be!

The 2015 FireBall fundraiser at the WaterFire Arts Center. Photograph by Drew Christhilf.
The 2015 FireBall fundraiser at the WaterFire Arts Center. Photograph by Drew Christhilf.

Supplementing our natural light, mandatory during the night, our lighting fixtures were chosen to be appropriate to the age and industrial history of our building. They come in two types, one type which hangs from the ceiling and projects downward and another type that bounces light off the ceiling before being directed down.

Lights! Photograph by Andrew Doig.
Lights! Photograph by Andrew Doig.

Those reflective lamps are the slender black units to the left.

More Than Just Lights!

In addition to lighting, the building is host to a wide range of electrical systems in some pretty surprising places.

  • Motorized locks and arms on inaccessible windows
  • The card readers and door locking systems
  • Water fountains
  • A/V equipment
  • AC and Heating
  • Fire sprinkler Valves
  • Digital signage
  • Event lighting ship-to-shore systems

The Man in Charge

We are happy to have had the opportunity to speak to Scott Collard, owner and operator of Collard Enterprises. We spoke with him during a tour of the building. He explained the systems he and his team put in place in the WaterFire Arts Center. If you are interested in Collard Enterprises Services, please visit or call 401-821-8601.

Building for the future is supported by TRAC Builders, LLC. To learn more about their contracting services, visit

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