Opening New Doors (And Taking Down Walls!)

If you were tuned into Facebook Wednesday you may have caught our live stream of the demolition of this portion of the structure!

It is amazing how quickly such a large portion of a building can be removed, but there were special conditions for this “Bump Out” which made the process quicker. A bump out is an extension of a building out of a portion of a wall, and this one was constructed sometime after the buildings original erection. As it stood in 2016, it was an empty storage location with no lights. It didn’t have much connection to the original building so it came down quickly.

Since it has been down you can see how the door opening was constructed by removing the bricks below a window sill, and the walls put up in the middle of the window opening.  This location will house the new glass stairwell and side emergency exit for The WaterFire Arts Center.

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