Building for the Future Episode 9 | Project Management

No project like The WaterFire Arts Center, with its thousands of parts, tens of thousands of decisions, and dozens of contractors and workers, could come together without exceptional management. TRAC Builder’s Nelson Ferreira, who is overseeing the project with superintendent Todd Brodeur, apply their many years of experience to the task.

Working closely with the many contractors, suppliers, architects, and others, Nelson keeps channels of communication and timelines on schedule, as well as adapting to WaterFire’s unique and sometimes complicated requests. TRAC Builders have many restoration projects as well as new constructions in its portfolio, and its skillset has been an excellent match for The WaterFire Arts Center. Particularly well integrated with WaterFire’s team, TRAC Builder’s Nelson Ferreira and his project management are crucial to the completion of The WaterFire Arts Center!

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